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Invid Temperature & Facial Recognition Tablet

We too are feeling the same concerns and fears that current health scares are causing, both professionally and personally. So, CCCoA is thrilled to be a part of the solution and offer a state-of-the-art system for your business at approximately $2k per location. (Many systems in the market cost between $15k – $20k per location and require […]

Avoid Data Breaches

Think Differently About Cybersecurity! Any open port can be a security risk. Our products prevent data leaks by blocking all the ports on the laptops, as well as the servers and desktops. New concept that builds another layer of security with existing software based security systems. Independent of OS systems and doesn’t need any program, application or […]

Instant Mobile Queue Package – See How it Works

Instant Mobile Queue Management Package As an official partner of QMatic,  we are happy to announce that we currently have this revolutionary tool available to help keep your employees safe while keeping your customers connected to the products and services they need.  Watch the short video below to see how it works. Reduce physical contact, […]

Esssential business or business reopening? Keep your employees and customers safe with this thermal camera!

As businesses reopen or continue to operate, the SEC-BODYTEMPCAM1 is an effective solution to keeping your employees and customers safe. Innovation Video Technology (InVid) has created a camera that can recognize the temperature of a person as they pass by. It records their temperature and uses facial recognition, which allows the end user to identify who has […]